Supporters & Endorsements

Throughout Oregon, educators, community leaders, tribal leaders, and organizations are supporting and endorsing Senate Bill 13, which will require the teaching of American Indian/Alaska native History & Sovereignty in K-12 public schools in Oregon.

The current curriculum structure is incomplete and leaves Oregon youth with huge gaps in their learning and understanding of their home state. It is imperative that all Oregonians learn about the histories and contributions of the First Oregonians, and their collective roles as citizens and upholders of Tribal Sovereignty.
— Tana Atchley (Klamath), Oregon Indian Education Association Member

It is the core critical history of our state. We MUST include it in our narratives and education. Indians need respect and equal access to mainstream opportunities. Their voices and their history matter. We must create a forward path of inclusion to build equity for all.
— Rain Lee Ritalto

Oregon history is rich in the beautiful timeless culture of Native people and yet it is little represented or understood by most Oregonians. And knowing the history of Native Nations will better assist Indian and non Indian students have an awareness of the current contributions, culture and struggles of Native people in Oregon today.
— Shane Smith

After studying Montana’s Indian Education For All educational laws and learning about the ways in which Native American community leaders can share tribal histories and knowledge, I feel it benefits everyone to learn about the very place where they live and the tribal communities that have lived on their homelands for time immemorial. Native American Histories, Place-based learning, Cultural Relevance, Indigenous knowledge and a greater sense of shared responsibility for our homelands.
— Justine Lowry